One of our first clients is Emmanuel. Since birth he has been unable to walk. His mother used to carry him on her back until he grew too heavy. From then on he was forced to stay home, crawling on hands and knees.

Some neighbours raised money to purchase a wheelchair from the small workshop that MobilityCare had just started in the area. Emmanuel was brought to the workshop to take his measurements and within a week he got his wheelchair. Another week later Emmanuel proudly went to school by himself.

MobilityCare has helped numerous disabled people like Emmanuel to get a wheelchair. But not only individuals come to us. Hospitals, dispensaries and  organisations involved in physical rehabilitation need wheelchairs for their patients. MobilityCare provides them, throughout Tanzania.

Our wheelchairs went to CCBRT Hospital in Dar es Salaam, to KCMC in Moshi, to Emmanuel in Arusha. MobilityCare will continue to help anyone in need of a wheelchair.

Emmanuel crawling
Emmanual bieng fitted for his new wheelchair